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August 2015

72RainbowSpiralsFlowerAugust 2015

I continue my collage journey and stroll through forgotten and remembered pieces from my archives.  Most of those results for the month are in this sub domain of the site.  Digital also made an appearance this month with the results above.  The image above was created with the inverse from a self portrait mono print flower collage.  After the digital fun, I added the inverse of the flower to another sort of self portrait.  Those two images follow.

72Aug2015SelfFlowerCollage9x12 72InkWcSelf021815m1collage081815

 Two new journals were collaged with Flowers and Spirals and Butterflies!  Oh my!   These journals were also painted and collaged with abstracts.  Most of the archive images being collaged seem to be coming from a 3 x 5 predominantly flower sketchbook that is not yet listed on the site.  It may not have much left in it by the time I’m done.

I created a Journal Page this month.  It received two new additional sub pages reflecting recently created flower journals (mentioned above) with galleries and more.  The menu has been expanded throughout the site to reflect the changes.


The first addition to this new page is the 7×10 journal 108lb vol3.


Added next is 7×10 journal 108lb vol4.   This journal too, contains more painting, abstracts, mixed media, collage, and of course flowers and spirals and butterflies!  Oh My!


Sketchbook continues with development.  A few changes were made.  The menu for sketchbook was also updated.


The 9×12 drawing 80lb sketchbook was temporarily removed while it is being reviewed.  The majority of images from the 9×12 drawing 80lb sketchbook have been collaged and moved to the 9 x 12 Collage Vol. 1 portfolio.  Very few images are left in the actual sketchbook.  I am reviewing this to determine whether or not to re-post the album in it’s original image state before collages for reference.   The 5×9 Flower Sketchbook (shown next) also saw a few adjustments.


Collage was the focus for August 2015.  The collage page for the Flowers sub domain did receive two new additions like the Journals Page.


Two new Portfolio albums were added.  The first new addition is the 9 x 12 Collage Vol. 1 portfolio.


The second portfolio album added this month was the 11 x 14 Collage Vol. 1.


Those are my updates for August 2015 in the Flowers sub domain of cieja.com.

June 2015

Spirals are showing up in my work again.72Jono031315j7x10v2collage063015

May 2015

Flower Collage

72photo4x6collage042315InkFlowercollage05131572aiYelloPurpFlower5x9collage05131572BlueGoldFlowerCollage8511Photo051315 72BlueFlowerCollage051315b 72BlueFlowerDuoSpiral051315 72FlowerCollage051315xf 72PurpleFlowerCollage05131572OrangeFlower8511FishPhotocollage051315


Flower Collage with Life Models

72LoriS040615SDAI4x6aInverseCollage051915 72Mandi011314agEbyCollage051615 72Shaunna040515SDAI5x8FlowerCollage051515 72Ian122913MM10x7ag3st022714flowercollage051315 72IanStampSketchA2013sdad10x14flowercollage05131572Sadja0330158x5m10Collage051615

Flower and Life Model Collage with Spiral



April 2015

April 2015