The Art of Cie Ja – Art Cie

mixed media life drawing art by Cie Ja (reference photo - anonymous Instagram model)
2021 mixed media life drawing by Cie Ja (reference photo – anonymous Instagram model)

     The Art of Cie Ja

The Art of Cie Ja (aka “Art Cie“) is the site home for  Of course, there is a variety of drawings, paintings, design, digital art, mixed media, abstract, collage, photography, and other creations by Cie Ja represented here and within the subdomains of The subdomains listed below are distinct for the subject of work.

Art Cie

Art Cie may include images from the various subdomains which includes flowers, spirals, butterflies, life drawing, birds, and sunsets, certainly. Also featured are other areas of interest that include dragons, fish, flamingos, frogs, portrait, photo reference drawing, urban landscape, night photography, image editing, light play, design, pattern, logo, macrame, sewing, beading, jewelry, and ceramics. You will find achievements listed on a recognition page under about in the menu. About in the menu for “Art Cie“, of course, includes links to social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2022 mixed media flower art by Cie Ja
2022 mixed media flower by Cie Ja (3 x 5)

Fleur de Cie

waterproof drawing ink flower art by Cie Ja on watercolor paper
Waterproof Drawing Ink on watercolor paper by Cie Ja

Fleur de Cie“, the flowers subdomain certainly contains the flower, spiral, and butterfly art of Cie Ja. There are so many pages to explore with quite a selection of work created by Cie Ja in sketchbooks, collages, canvas, digital art and more within this subdomain. 

flower spiral butterfly mixed media digital collage art by Cie Ja

Flowers and Spirals and Butterflies!  Oh My! 

Cie La Vie

Life Draw art of Cie Ja is located on “Cie La Vie“, the life draw subdomain. The featured work here revolves around life drawing. You can find sketchbooks, collages, canvas, digital art, and blind contour work within this subdomain.

mixed media life drawing by Cie Ja

So many opportunities to collaborate with amazing artists exist. I am grateful for the collaborations that I have participated in. I look forward to the possibilities ahead. When I finish with more organization of the collaborations in my archives a Collaboration page should emerge. Stay tuned.

mixed media collaboration with artists Jaron Stokes, Lena Gardelli, and CieJa

The Way I Cie It

The Art of Cie Ja photography is on “The Way I Cie It “, the photo subdomain of


“What” is the menu item with direct links to bird pages, sunset pages, and social media links.


I have photographed so many birds. I would guess that’s because I love bird watching and bird photography. 


So many locations that I chose to photograph during sunset. I would guess that’s because I love sunsets, walking, beaches, and sunset photography. 


“When” is the final item in the menu for Art Cie. This is an annuals archive for my photography. Only dates from 2013 to 2019 have been processed and uploaded.




Sketchbooks is defined for the purpose of categorizing my art sketchbooks and journals.  I look at the weight of the paper to determine whether one of my art books is a sketchbook or a journal.  Anything over 100 lb. weight for the paper is a journal.  Anything less than 100 lb. in paper weight is listed as a sketchbook.  Paper weight is an important factor due to my predominant use of mixed media.

You will find sketchbooks listed in various sub domains of the site.  This page was created to bring all the journals together in one place.  The majority are found in the Life Draw sub domain.  Currently there is only one sketchbook listed in the Flowers sub domain.  Other flower sketchbooks have not yet been added.  All sketchbooks that have been scanned and added are listed below.

4 x 6 drawing 80lb


5 x 5 blue sketch


5 x 8 sketch 65lb vol1


5 x 8 sketch 65lb vol2


5.5 x 8.5 mixed media 98lb

7 x 10 mixed media 98lb vol1


7 x 10 mixed media 98lb vol2

9 x 12 toned gray 80lb


9 x 12 toned tan 80lb


9 x 12 mixed media 98lb


11 x 14 mixed media 98lb





Journals is defined for the purpose of categorizing my art sketchbooks and journals.  What makes one of my art books a journal is the weight of the paper.  Anything over 100 lb. weight for the paper is a journal.  Anything less than 100 lb. in paper weight is listed as a sketchbook.

You will find journals listed in various sub domains of the site.  This page was created to bring all the journals together in one place.  The majority are found in the Life Draw sub domain.  A few journals are in the Flowers sub domain.  All are listed below.

6×8 journal 100lb


7×10 journal 108lb vol1


7×10 journal 108lb vol2


7×10 journal 108lb vol3


7×10 journal 108lb vol4


7×10 journal 108lb vol5


7×10 journal 108lb vol6


9×12 mixed media 140lb


9×12 watercolor 140lb


Digital Art of Cie Ja

Digital Art of Cie Ja business card design
Digital Art of Cie Ja business card design

Digital Art of Cie Ja is featured on subdomains with related work. Of course, this page will feature a few of the images from those subdomains as well. This page is continually being revised with new and archived images being added regularly. Additionally, you can find related work featured on my facebook page as well.

Digital Art of Cie Ja site image with photo, drawing, and digital gradient image editing exploration
site image with photo, drawing, and digital gradient image editing exploration


First up is the Flowers subdomain aka “Fleur de Cie”. There is a digital flowers page in this subdomain that features all related flower, butterfly, and spiral art of Cie Ja. Specifically, an image list of the related digital work is what the digital flowers page is all about. Additionally, you can see posts to Instagram profile @cieja19.

Life Draw

Next up is the Life Draw subdomain aka “Cie la Vie”. There is no digital life draw page in this subdomain that features all related life draw art of Cie Ja at the moment. Although, there is one in development. You can find digital work within the related model pages, for now. On occasion, I post life draw related digital work to my @cie.ja1 Instagram profile.


The photo subdomain, “The Way I CIe It” does not have a specific digital page. All images on this subdomain are digital. I filtered, transformed, or utilized photos in multiple ways. Digital photo imaging, image editing, new media, digital art, and other digital creations and projects, such as the images above and below are examples. of my work.

Student Art Show Spring 2009 – ARTF 233 Introduction to Digital Photo Imaging

You can find acknowledgement for some of my photo based digital work on the recognition page. I created the image below in a digital art class relating to current social political events of 2013 regarding gay marriage. As has been noted, you can see other selections on the recognition page found in the menu or the link above.

Student Art Show Fall 2013
selection: ” ” – Social / Political Poster
ARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art

Digital Exploration


digital art of Cie Ja line drawing extraction from acrylic flower painting
digital extraction of line drawing from acrylic flower painting by Cie Ja



Digital Image Editing and New Media





I have been going through my archives and revisiting old work.  In some instances I am re-creating the work into something new through collage.   An example of this would be a 4 x 6 72BnW4x6collage042315 collage that evolved into a 9 x 12 72Collage052315cu4x6Flower2collage.

Originally, as I began to revisit and reorganize this section, I was arranging things according to subject matter.   72Mandi011314agEbyCollage051615I am moving some work from journals and sketchbooks and adding to portfolios by category and size.  I find this to be more helpful for me in finding the work accordingly within the associated journals, sketchbooks, and portfolio albums.

Some images link to related pages while other images link to full size view.




Flower Collage


(9 x 12 Flower Collage Portfolio)



(7 x 10 Flower Collage Portfolio)



(11 x 14 Flower Collage Portfolio)


Life Draw Collage


(9 x 12 Life Draw Collage Portfolio)



(7 x 10 Life Draw Collage Portfolio)



(11 x 14 Life Draw Collage Portfolio)



In this category there are several sizes.  The 7×10 size group has four 108 lb. journal volumes.  The first two are predominately life draw journals with several flowers within each volume.  The last two volumes are mostly collage.  An the majority of those are Flowers, Spirals and Butterflies.  Some images have been moved to Portfolio albums.  The moved images are also shown here to indicate where they originated.

7×10 journal 108lb vol1


7×10 journal 108lb vol2


The Volumes 3 and 4 in this size are mostly collage and flower, spiral, butterfly.  I have linked to those volumes here with image links below.

7×10 journal 108lb vol3


7×10 journal 108lb vol4




This image above seems to be holding out to be collaged onto canvas.There are other collaged flower images in sketchbooks and journals of the Life Draw sub domain in this size.  They are linked here with flower collages from those journals not their featured images.  Other images shown here have been added to portfolios or other albums.  The only sketchbook listed here with collages is the 7×10 mixed media 98lb. sketchbook in the following image and title links.

7×10 mixed media 98lb.




4 x 6





4 x 8.5






The 11 x 14  Collage Portfolio Albums is listed next. The images and titles for those link to the related page for the album. The portfolio albums are also listed in the menu under Flowers Collage.

11×14 Collage Volume 1


12 x 12