The Art of Cie Ja

Art Cie


Two Thousand Twenty-four

Hello! Welcome to my creativity journal for two thousand twenty-four. Thanks for connecting.
I’ve been creating digital art, updating site content, reimagining and revising the site, drawing from photo reference, working on unfinished projects, participating in zoom drawing, collaging old newsprint sketches, painting in sketchbooks, photographing and uploading archived work, creating new work from archived, and exploring to create. That was January.

Certainly, this continued right into February, March, and April. Welcome to The Art of Cie Ja, aka Art Cie, is the site home for


It’s May now, and the site updates continue. Thank you for your patience and support.


New pages such as the one above are being added and revised as new work is added and created.


More work is coming online and being created. Updates are ongoing.


This section is still under construction. Stay tuned.



Fleur de Cie

Fleur de Cie is focused on flowers, spirals, and butterflies, oh my!

It may also include flamingos, frogs, fairies, and other flora and fauna or fantasy.

This subdomain is being reviewed and something new is on the horizon.

Cie Ja Vie

Cie Ja Vie is the subdomain for the Life Draw Art of Cie Ja. This subdomain has a new home page. Cie Ja Vie got a new name (formerly Cie La Vie), a new look, and has been my focus recently. Something new? It’s likely in that subdomain. Pages for journals and sketchbooks link to more pages that focus on the work within each sketchbook or journal. There is a page with a focus on blind contour work and one with a focus on the photo reference art models. Of course, there is also a life model section with life model pages. You will also find life draw collage and life draw digital art pages.


Another section in the Life Draw subdomain is Collaboration. So many opportunities to collaborate with amazing artists exist. I am grateful for the collaborations that I have participated in. I look forward to the possibilities ahead. When I finish with more organization of the collaborations in my archives a Collaboration page should emerge. Stay tuned.

mixed media collaboration with artists Jaron Stokes, Lena Gardelli, and CieJa

The Way I Cie It

The Way I Cie It is my photography subdomain.

Interestingly, I stopped toward the end of 2019 as we entered the mask era. Photography has been intermittent since then, at best. There are still images I haven’t seen or even removed from the camera (the part of 2019 that was never processed).
I do have plans to breathe life into this section again and finish what is unfinished. I’m hopeful this section will be unmasked in due time.

I love living in San Diego.

I enjoy birdwatching, sunsets, parks and nature trails, urban and cityscape, night photography and more.