The Art Of Cie Ja

     Art Cie

The Art of Cie Ja (aka Art Cie) is the site home for  Featured works include drawings, paintings, design, digital art, mixed media, collage, photography, and other creations by Cie Ja. Social media links include my Facebook profile and my Instagram account. Let’s connect.

Subjects of flowers, birds, dragons, fish, sunsets, portraits, patterns, urban, landscape, nature, and other areas of interest are shown in the various sub domains.  Refer to the subdomains for more.  Achievements are listed on a Recognition page under About in the menu. 

Fleur de Cie

Waterproof Drawing Ink on watercolor paper

The Art of Cie Ja includes sub domains with drawings, paintings, collage, digital art, and photography.  Fleur de Cie is the flowers sub domain for  

Flowers and Spirals and Butterflies!  Oh My! 

Cie La Vie

The Art of Cie Ja continues with a life-draw sub domain for my work with life models and the drawings, collage, paintings, digital art, photography, mixed media and associated work that stems from it.

A Collaboration page is in development.

  Refer to the life draw sub domain for more.  Achievements for life draw are listed on a Recognition page under About in the menu.  

The Way I Cie It

The Art of Cie Ja photography can be found in the photo sub domain.

The menu is listed with “Where?” for location (by state and zip code),

When?” for annual archives and related pages (by year),

¬†and “What?” for categories (such as Birds and Sunsets).