August 2015

August 2015

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 August 2015


On the Site

August 2015 saw the continual expansion and development of the site.  As things continue to evolve, I make discoveries that lead me in various directions.  I chose to develop as I evolve with the site.  I am excited to see where this continues to lead.

Updates were also made to the site menu, and the About page with an attached Recognition page this month.  Additional posts and pages were also added to various sub domains.  The majority of new art work created this month went into the Flowers sub domain: “Flowers and Spirals and Butterflies! Oh My!” 72ShadowSolKnights “Oh my!” is right.  I made some breakthroughs with this reflection of my previous flower, spiral, and butterfly work over the past decade.  It seems several of those works needed an evolution through collage.  I am encouraged by the results.   Two collage portfolio albums were also added under the collage section of the Flowers sub domain.  The updates for August 2015 on Flowers are available through the next image or the text link.


In the Studio72Aug2015SelfFlowerCollage9x1272FBS3x5waves7x10j108v3Collage080715

Collage has been my focus for August.  I started two new 108 lb. 7 x 10  journals volumes 3 (to the left) and 4(to the right). 
I started with painting and prepping these new journals back in July.
Collage also started trickling in then.  The floodgates opened in the first half of August and I was on a roll with reviewing archived work from the past decade.72M2Flower3x5Inks7x10j108v4collage081015
I’m not sure I ever scanned the 3 x 5 sketchbook work that a lot of the new collages were utilizing.  It did not seen to matter.  It was time for an evolution of previous work.  I found myself on this journey with collage that was also affecting work from other sketchbooks and journals.  The focus here also seemed to be surrounding the flower, butterfly, and spiral work I mentioned above.  I’m enjoying the results.


Out of the Studio


I attended one drawing session this month at San Diego Art Institute’s Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park.  The two models for the evening were Rob D. and Ginger R.  Although I wanted to draw both models,  I ended up only working with Ginger.  My priorities seem to be shifting away from life drawing for a bit while I reflect through my archives of work in an effort to continue with site development and my evolution as an artist.  This may change once classes begin again.  I will have to wait and see how September unfolds for me.


The Life Draw sub domain saw some  changes, updates and additions for the month.  Click the image above or the text link for the review for August 2015 on Life Draw at