November 2017

November 2017

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November 2017

Site wide changes this month included moving to the Royal Magazine theme.  Sub domains, themes, widgets, menus, pages, posts and more have been revised.  New images, galleries, pages, and posts have been added and published.  Site updates for sub domains are listed below.

Art Cie

The Art of Cie Ja has been migrated to the Royal Magazine theme.  Comments and Feedback are greatly appreciated.

The Way I Cie It

Development continues with the photo sub domain.  Updates have been added to the menu with corresponding pages and galleries.  Bird pages continue to be added with the ongoing development.  Image and text links connect to related pages with more images and galleries.


A new page has been published for November 2017.  The menu has been updated site wide to reflect this.

Sunsets 2016


November 2017 development included page revisions and additional galleries.  The image list of revised pages is shown next.  Title links and images connect to corresponding pages.

sunsets 2017 

November sunsets

La Jolla sunsets

San Diego sunsets

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

2017 Shoots

92037 La Jolla

San Diego


Harbor Island Park


Sunset Cliffs Natural Park


Hospitality Point Park

Mission Beach

San Diego River

San Diego River Estuary


Famosa Slough

92118 Coronado

Cie la Vie

Fleur de Cie