January 2018

January 2018

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January 2018

January 2018 included more updated pages, posts, photos and galleries through the site.  Archives are in process for upcoming additions to sub domains and other site revisions.  My social media links are in the menu above under So Cie.  Let’s connect.

Art Cie

Art Cie continues to evolve with site development.  I am looking forward to the upcoming changes in  development on cieja.com for 2018.

The Way I Cie It

The Way I Cie It continued to be the focus for site development as 2018 arrived.  Photo shoots have tapered off to a minimum for now as my focus has started shifting toward other creative endeavors and more development of this and other sub domains for the site.


The following photography pages were published in January 2018.

January 2017


February 2017

March 2017


January 2018 also included the following page revisions for the photo sub domain.

2017 shoots

92037 La Jolla

La Jolla sunsets


San Diego River Estuary


Famosa Slough

sunsets 2017 

November sunsets

Fleur de Cie

Fleur de Cie has had more focus in development recently.  Archives are being processed.  I am excited about the revisions ahead.

Cie La Vie

Cie La Vie is undergoing development review.  I am looking forward to the journey in store for 2018.