Art Cie 2021

Art Cie 2021

March 27, 2021 Off By Administrator

Art Cie 2021 is the current home location for (The Art of Cie Ja). I am switching from a static front page back to posts. The post method last used in 2018 converted to static then. Creating an Instagram account and a Facebook page highlighted the need for a renewed approach to my site. I am optimistic about these and other changes. Just remember, I’m the tortoise, so progress can be slow and steady. 🙂 Four subdomains contain related work and content for the site. Thank you for your time and continual support.

Art Cie (The Art of Cie Ja)

Art Cie 2021 features pages with collage and digital. These and other sections of the site are currently undergoing changes as well with updates and a new look and feel. Instagram and Facebook Page info and links are coming soon. You can follow Cie Ja there. I have Twitter and Pinterest accounts but am not an active tweeter or pinner as of yet. 🙂

Fleur de Cie 2021

Fleur de Cie 2021 is undergoing some changes as well. Thanks for your continued support during this site transformation. One possibility for Fleur de Cie 2021 is merging into Art Cie 2021. I have kept this section of my site on a separate subdomain. In an effort to streamline and balance my workload a merge might be helpful. A solution will come. Stay tuned for those changes! 🙂

Butterflies by Cie Ja

mixed media abstract acrylic watercolor spiral and butterfly by Cie Ja

Butterflies page is transitioning to Art Cie should the merge occur. Until then, changes here may still occur. A decision is forthcoming. Stay tuned. 🙂

Flowers by Cie Ja

digital flower by Cie Ja

Flowers page has updates coming soon. The merge remains a possibility for this page, too. More flower work is in process. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for more.

Spirals by Cie Ja

Spirals Page will receive updates in this transformation of the site. Look for those changes coming soon. Don’t forget the tortoise. 😉 Thanks for your continued support.

Cie la Vie 2021

Revisions are coming to this sub domain. The process can be slow and steady. I am excited to see what develops. Thanks for your patience during the process. I am so grateful for your support on Instagram and my Facebook Page, too. Thank You!

The Way I Cie It 2021

Common Moorhen San Diego River water reflection photography by Cie Ja

You can see this sub domain has been quiet for some time. I hope to have that corrected soon. Thanks again for your patience and support. Keep in touch on Instagram and my Facebook Page. I am a newbie with both and appreciate connecting and helpful tips :).

For my next posts look for monthly active journaling posts. What I mean by this is a post that is active for the month with ongoing updates (journal entries). Keeping posts to a minimum of twelve to thirteen a year. I say thirteen for the “Once in a Blue Moon” post that might occur. I will Cie you then. 🙂