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A recognition page with Awards, Certificates, Exhibitions, Publications and other accomplishments is listed under About in the menu.

  Cieja.com includes sub domains for photography, life drawing and one for flowers, spirals, and butterflies.  Images are being added from the archives and as new work is created.  “The Way I Cie it” is the photography sub domain.  My life drawing subdomain is ” Cie La  Vie”.  The subdomain for flowers, spirals and butterflies is  “Fleur de Cie”

“Cie La Vie”

The life_draw sub domain for cieja.com features images 11×14, 9×12, and smaller.  Larger work is being processed.  Life model pages are listed alphabetically.  (The life model featured in the above is Stu.  

The model featured in the newsprint sketch collage above is Robert W.)

“Fleur de Cie”

The flowers sub domain contains the flower, spiral, and butterfly Art of Cie Ja.  (The piece featured to the left is a collage with pen and ink, sumi-e, and watercolor.  My site logo below was created by the digital extraction from a watercolor piece and drawing digitally onto the extraction with a pen tablet.)


Floral photos are also being incorporated into this sub domain.

The Way I Cie It

The photo sub domain for cieja.com is an archive, a field notebook, a portfolio, and more.   Photo shoots are organized by year.  The shoots are listed most recent to oldest with image links to pages for the location of the shoot.  Pages can also be found through the menu.

A new direction has been taken with the photo domain and zip code organization in 2017.  Pages have been created for the corresponding zip codes and listed in the menu accordingly.

The site development continues.
Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the Love!   

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