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November 2015

November 2015 Borders and Patterns Borders and Patterns continue to be created this month.  An additional page (2A to 2Z)  was added with the (A to Z) borders and patterns page in the sub menu. Some borders and patterns are not in the journals and do not follow a numbering or naming system such as the one shown…

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August 2015

 August 2015 On the Site August 2015 saw the continual expansion and development of the site.  As things continue to evolve, I make discoveries that lead me in various directions.  I chose to develop as I evolve with the site.  I am excited to see where this continues to lead. Updates were also made to the site menu, and the About page with…

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July 2015

July 2015    I am working more in collage this month utilizing newsprint sketches from life drawing course work and independent study.  Other areas of interest are shifting back to the digital and painting directions.   Site evolution  continues as more updates and development occur.  The current sub domains continue in development as well. Flowers Life Drawing  

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April 2015

April 2015 My image of Ginger from March was one of the ARTF210C selections for the San Diego Mesa College Spring Student Art Exhibition 2015.  The selection is shown as the featured image of the Life Draw April 2015 post below.  The show runs from April 30th until May 14th, 2015. New model pages were added in April and new life model…

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