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Digital Art of Cie Ja is featured on subdomains with related work. Of course, this page will feature a few of the images from those subdomains as well. This page is continually being revised with new and archived images being added regularly.

site image with photo, drawing, and digital gradient image editing exploration


First up is the Flowers subdomain aka “Fleur de Cie”. There is a digital flowers page in this subdomain that features all related flower, butterfly, and spiral art of Cie Ja. Specifically, an image list of the related digital work is what the digital flowers page is all about. Additionally, you can see posts to Instagram profile @cieja19.

Life Draw

Next up is the Life Draw subdomain aka “Cie la Vie”. There is no digital life draw page in this subdomain that features all related life draw art of Cie Ja at the moment. Although, there is one in development. You can find digital work within the related model pages, for now. On occasion, I post life draw related digital work to my @cie.ja1 Instagram profile.


The photo subdomain, “The Way I CIe It” does not have a specific digital page. All images on this subdomain are digital. I filtered, transformed, or utilized photos in multiple ways. Digital photo imaging, image editing, new media, digital art, and other digital creations and projects, such as the images above and below are examples. of my work.

Student Art Show Spring 2009 – ARTF 233 Introduction to Digital Photo Imaging

You can find acknowledgement for some of my photo based digital work on the recognition page. I created the image below in a digital art class relating to current social political events of 2013 regarding gay marriage. As has been noted, you can see other selections on the recognition page found in the menu or the link above.

Student Art Show Fall 2013
selection: ” ” – Social / Political Poster
ARTF 231 Introduction to Digital Art

Digital Exploration


digital art of Cie Ja line drawing extraction from acrylic flower painting
digital extraction of line drawing from acrylic flower painting by Cie Ja



Digital Image Editing and New Media