Art Cie


Sketchbooks is defined for the purpose of categorizing my art sketchbooks and journals.  I look at the weight of the paper to determine whether one of my art books is a sketchbook or a journal.  Anything over 100 lb. weight for the paper is a journal.  Anything less than 100 lb. in paper weight is listed as a sketchbook.  Paper weight is an important factor due to my predominant use of mixed media.

You will find sketchbooks listed in various sub domains of the site.  This page was created to bring all the sketchbooks together in one place.  The majority are found in the Life Draw sub domain.  There are several listed in the Flowers sub domain.  Abstract and Collage are being reorganized.

Fleur de Cie sketchbooks

2 x 3 sketch pad

5 x 7 sketching 50lb.

5 x 9 flower sketchbook

9 x 12 drawing 80lb.

Cie Ja Vie sketchbooks

4 x 6 drawing 80lb


5 x 5 blue sketch

5 x 7 rainbow sketch

5 x 8 sketch 65lb vol1


5 x 8 sketch 65lb vol2


5.5 x 8.5 mixed media 98lb

Model is anonymous 2

7 x 10 mixed media 98lb vol1


7 x 10 mixed media 98lb vol2

This page is in process and is being added. 

7 x 10 mixed media 98lb vol3

This is an oil sketchbook.

9 x 12 toned gray 80lb


9 x 12 toned tan 80lb


9 x 12 mixed media 98lb


9 x 12 oil sketchbook

11 x 14 mixed media 98lb


12 x 24.5 drawing 80lb.

18 x 24 newsprint one

18 x 24 newsprint two

18 x 24 newsprint three

18 x 24 mixed media one

18 x 24 mixed media two