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Welcome to “Cie Ja Vie”, my life draw art journal and gallery MMXXIV. Thanks for your continued support and appreciation.

Of course, I’m trying new things and making changes along the way.
I am creating new work, adding archived work, and updating the site accordingly.

Cie Ja  Collage and newsprint sketch Digital Art
Ginger R.

What’s new by Cie Ja?

Recently, I’ve also been creating new artist trading cards and some digital versions. Look for more to come on those.

Cie Ja Vie page is obviously new. The default home page for this subdomain has always been the sketchbooks page, until now. Of course, I’m developing this page as a visual menu for the life draw subdomain of

Other new pages are listed in the related sections below. Certainly, there are links to pages and a visual peek of what you’ll find inside. I’m also likely to post work in early release here on the site or with the model before social media posts.

What’s Cie Ja revising?

Whatever needs it, and just about everything does, evidently. I’m grateful there is plenty to keep me busy, certainly.
One thing that has been overdue for revision, other than the entire site, is an archive of larger format work. I’ve also been using that archive as a resource for new digital work. I’ve been adding archived work to the site. I’m looking forward to what develops, certainly.

What’s coming soon from Cie Ja?


New posts, new pages, new collage, new digital, new work and a new feel are all coming soon. New model work and new models are also on the horizon. Obviously, I’m feeling renewed and ready for the new Aquarian Age. Cie Ja Vie is the first of these new pages, of course.

Blind Contour Cie Ja Vie

Digital by Cie Ja

Blind contour page has been slightly revised, regardless. This page is being reviewed for new revisions, shortly. A new menu and link approach is also under development.


Canvas Cie Ja Vie

giclee on canvas Collaboration with Jaron Stokes

Canvas page needs editing.

Collaboration Cie Ja Vie

Cie Ja Collaboration with Lena Gardelli and Jaron Stokes
Collaboration with Lena Gardelli and Jaron Stokes

Cie Ja Vie Collaboration has been in a holding pattern and is obviously overdue. Crossing my fingers, of course. Maybe I’m just wanting to collaborate again, unquestionably. Any suggestions, offers, requests, etc., basically? Subsequently, I’ve got a few in mind. I’m certainly looking forward to what develops.

Collage Cie Ja Vie

Cie Ja Sketchbook Collage

I’ve been going through those archives and some things just shifted me into a collage mode, obviously. I’ve added to sketchbooks and more. I’m certainly going with the flow and having fun with the process.

Digital Cie Ja Vie


Digital section is so active with new work and more than overdue for an update. Stay tuned, of course. It’s certainly on my to do list. 🙂


Journals Cie Ja Vie

 Cie Ja quick contour La Jolla Art Shed

Life Draw Journals Page needs editing, obviously.

Sketchbooks Cie Ja Vie

Cie Ja sketchbook photo reference

Sketchbooks has a link in the menu above, certainly. I’m adding more archived work to this section, undoubtedly. I’m also creating new digital work and adding it. Revising sketchbook pages and the menu are on my to do list, surely. A new 6 x 9 black sketch page has been added.


Life Models Cie Ja Vie

I have worked with many life models in various locations around San Diego. I created a visual list below with a portrait drawing when available. Links to model pages are in the menu above separated into 3 sections alphabetically. Coming soon, I’m adding archived and new digital work in this section.

I started in life drawing courses at San Diego Mesa College in 2013. Craving improvement, I sought out what was available to me to supplement my classes. I found that with art gym at San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park. This location also provided opportunities for photo shoots with models. Looking for all the opportunities that allowed me to explore my creativity freely, I would also draw at Art Department on Ray Street and North Park Drawing Group at the rec. center.
Participating with the San Diego Gay Men’s Art Group and having the opportunities for both drawing and photography at Diversionary Theater and Twiggs Coffee in University Heights was truly a blessing.
I also enjoyed drawing at My Art Shed in La Jolla. Jaron Stokes and I would draw individually and collaborate there with Yoni (aka @bakerartmodel).

Life Models (a – i)

Life Models (a-i) is being revised with archived work. New digital work is also being created and added. Evidently, model pages and the menu are being updated and revised.




Collaboration with Jaron Stokes


Collaboration with Jaron Stokes and Tony A. Magpantay, Jr..



18 x 24 crop top section Mixed Media


Christine A.

Christine K.



David 9 x 12 Mixed Media


Erica 11 x 14 Mixed Media


Ginger R.


Life Models (j – r)

New digital work being created will be added soon. Life Models (j-r) is being revised with archived work, certainly. Model pages and the menu are also being updated and revised.


Jaron S.


John B.


Joshua M.



Lori S.





Rob D.

Robert W.

Life Models (s – z)

Model pages and the menu are being updated and revised with archived work also being added in this section. New digital work being created will be added soon.







Stefanie S.

Stephanie R.




Tori R.



Yoni B.



Collaboration with Jaron Stokes

Photo Reference Models


Photo reference Art Models shown here are from personal photo shoots taken by me at San Diego Art Institute, San Diego Gay Men’s Art Group and private model shoots, otherwise, all other reference photo art model images are from submitted, free reference, or request. Photo reference models are alphabetically listed here with links to their Instagram profiles when available. Of course, new work is being added and created. Links to newly created model pages are also being added.


Anonymous 1

Model is Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2

Anonymous 3








Model is @fitartmodel_2 on Instagram


Model is @giraffucklyspeakingart on Instagram




Harriet Covair

Harry Covair






A new page has been created for my work with @lifefigure_. The image and title above link to the new page. You can also find the link in the menu under photo reference models.


Model is @lifemodel.rach on Instagram


Model is @malemodelmtl on Instagram


Model is @maxexhibiart on Instagram


Model is @mistry.3y3z on Instagram





Cie Ja pastel art with charcoal pencil


Cie Ja 5 x 7 rainbow sketchbook abstraction

Zoom Draw Cie Ja Vie


New work is also being added in this section. New digital work is currently being created and subsequently added. Model pages and the menu are being updated and revised. A Zoom page is also under development.