Pardon the growing pains as I explore alternative approaches for the continued site development.  I have decided to do away with monthly posts and incorporate a continually updating post for the year. The home page reflects site wide changes and updates.  This post is specific for the Life Draw sub domain of cieja.com.  Thanks for your patience during the process.



Portfolio LDC1

I added a portfolio page of life drawing collages 9 x 12 and smaller.


Sketchbook updates were added to 5×8 sketch 65lb vol2.


This page updated 9/26/16.

August 2015


August 2015 was another month of reflection for me with regards to life drawing.  I attended one life drawing session at SDAI on 081715 with life models Rob D. and Ginger.  I was looking forward to working with both models but found myself only creating work of Ginger for the evening.  You can see the results of that work on the Ginger page.  They are in the gallery and under the 9 x 12 Mixed Media section of the page.  The only blind contour of the evening is shown above and on the Blind Contour page.


Shown above is the flower collage inverse of the flower that was collaged to the self portrait mono print pictured next.  The inverse collage was added to an abstract self portrait that didn’t really seem to be a self portrait.  I think their may be a bit more resemblance now that the flower has been added.  There was also a digital flower created with the inverse before the collage was added.  It can be seen in the Flowers sub domain post for August 2015.


The Collage page under Life Draw was updated this month.  The featured image of Robert W. was revised with a butterfly phoenix collage.  72Ginger050115s4x6collage081815I created a collage from a 4 x 6 sketch of Ginger and another collage with its inverse.  I also worked with a previous sketch of Lori S. for another 7 x 10 journal collage.72LoriS061515SDAI4x6collage081815  Collage of Flowers on the other hand was the dominant focus for the month it seemed.  72Flower3x5Collage082315j7x10v1 Several of the flower collages also ended up in a few of the life drawing journals.

Other updates for this sub domain for the month include the above mentioned journal pages and related model pages.  The images for this month that are not shown can be found on the related pages through the green text links.

I am looking forward to seeing how September unfolds.

July 2015

July 2015

Only one life drawing session this month at SDAI.  The rest of my life drawing work was with collage.  I reviewed older sketches from life drawing course work and independent study and went from there.  Things seem to be shifting for me into other areas at this time.  I have a lot of life drawing work that has not been explored with digital work or canvas painting and I was hoping to head into those directions soon.  Until then, more review and collage.

72Tori070615SDAIbc 72RW022213ARTF210A4mBc072215collage 72RW022213ARTF210A4mLhMg072215collage7x10V3 72Tori070615SDAIwc9x12a 72Tori070615SDAIwc9x12b 72blindContourSketchCollage072315 72TripleSpiralBlindContourCollage072315

February 2015


February 2015

independent study

72James022215 72James022215sketch


My independent study with life models and life drawing at SDAI continued in February.  I began to explore more with blind contour drawings than I had in the past.  I varied my mediums of choice a bit and worked more with mixed media.

72Tamara020115sdai1h172Tamara020115sdai1h272Stefanie020215bcSDAI72Stefanie020215bc2SDAI72Stefanie020215sdai40m72Stefanie020215sdai35m 72Stefanie020215bc3SDAI72Stefanie020215SDAI72Jono02081572Jono020815bcSDAI72Ian020915m3072Ian020915m572Ian020915bc


In February, there was a class field trip to the Oceanside Museum of Art that was outstanding.  Images on larger formats have not been scanned but were created during the class.  I explored more with mixed media in the class.

72d022015VirginiaL372d020615RobD10mL3 72Rob021015ag5m72d020615RobD35mL3 72d020615RobD15mL372d020615RobD1hL372d020615RobD30mL3


At home in the studio, I continued create new work from revisiting older work.   I also experimented with adding alcohol inks to previous sketches with surprising results.  I continued to create abstracts in preparation for more life drawing sketches, digital work, etc.  I delved more into my efforts with acrylic, drawing inks, pastels, mixed media, abstracts, collage, design and more.



alcohol inks



72Meghan5mAg031614Collage02121572Meghan5mAg031614Collage021215Inv72Meghan5m031614agCollageInv 72ShermanDuoCollage02121572ShermanQuadCollage02121572ShermanDuo2Collage02121572ShermanTriCollage02121572ShermanDuo4Collage02121572Sherman021215CollageInv172ShermanDuo3Collage021215   72Sherman070714agCollageInv72ShermanFlowerSpiralCollage02191572Cynthia021215Collage72Lilly021215Collage72Lilly021215CollageInv72Shondra021215CollageInv72Shondra021215wEricaCollage72FlowerSpheresCollage02171572Tamara070714AGCollage02171572Tamara070714AGCollageInv

January 2015

January 2015  72Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Butterfly012515

I spent January in preparation for the semester work ahead.  I attended life drawing sessions at SDAI and continued my independent studies in the studio as well.  I worked on drawing new versions of previous sketches, created some mono prints, prepared sketchbooks and journals, created abstracts, and continued my explorations with collage.  I also began my transition of converting my site from static to dynamic.  This process is ongoing.

On January 30th, I began my ARTF210C (Life Drawing III) course with Professor Georgia Laris at San Diego Mesa College.  This will complete my life drawing course work.  You can see the influence of my previous fine art studies with Composition in Panting 1-4 within my life drawing work.




My independent study with life models and life drawing at SDAI continued in January.  I started attending life drawing sessions there in 2012 drawing life models in preparation for my first life drawing class in the spring of 2013.  I continued to attend the life drawing sessions between semesters and during my course work as my skills continued to evolve.




At home in the studio, I continued to explore creating new work from revisiting older work.   I would draw new sketches from older ones and paint new pieces from my sketch work.  I added a self portrait as a sketchbook cover.  I created abstracts in preparation for life drawing sketches, for digital work and just to create them.  I love abstracts.  I also continued my exploration with mono prints from ink drawings and mixed media.  My journey with collage also evolved as I prepared for the upcoming class.

72Tori012614MM10x7ag2rD01171572Shondra13sketchGPrevMM10x7ag1RevD01061572Zara5m012714MM10x7ag201171572Sabrina020214MM10x7ag1rd01181572Tori 012815fm2014sketchLife2SelfCoverTan80lbSketch

abstracts 72SquaredTearRev172RBWBPpatternSpheres1Tt72RBBWplastics1TtRevdec14
mono prints  72ToriMM10x7rbwAG1Mono01171572Lily090913GPrevMM10x7ag2RevD01061572Lily090913GPrevMM10x7ag2RevD010615mono

collage  72Joel060214ag20mCollage01181572SabrinaRYB020214agRevCol01051572Joel030514ag20m3Collage01181572Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Collage01181572Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Butterfly01251572Zoe092513MM10x7ag2RevCol01061572Zoe020314MM10x7ag172Ian040614ag5mCollage01201572JonoT030214ag5m9x12eCollage01201572Zara012714MM10x7ag3collage01181572Cynthia061614AgCollage01181572Meghan092213bypAbsCol01181572Meghan011815CollageInv172Meghan092213prGPrevMM10x7ag6Collage012415Erica 9 x 12 Collage Mixed MediaErica 9 x 12 Collage Mixed Media72JohnB5mAg032614Collage01201572Mandy10mag011313bATC011815wJono1a