January 2015

January 2015  72Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Butterfly012515

I spent January in preparation for the semester work ahead.  I attended life drawing sessions at SDAI and continued my independent studies in the studio as well.  I worked on drawing new versions of previous sketches, created some mono prints, prepared sketchbooks and journals, created abstracts, and continued my explorations with collage.  I also began my transition of converting my site from static to dynamic.  This process is ongoing.

On January 30th, I began my ARTF210C (Life Drawing III) course with Professor Georgia Laris at San Diego Mesa College.  This will complete my life drawing course work.  You can see the influence of my previous fine art studies with Composition in Panting 1-4 within my life drawing work.




My independent study with life models and life drawing at SDAI continued in January.  I started attending life drawing sessions there in 2012 drawing life models in preparation for my first life drawing class in the spring of 2013.  I continued to attend the life drawing sessions between semesters and during my course work as my skills continued to evolve.




At home in the studio, I continued to explore creating new work from revisiting older work.   I would draw new sketches from older ones and paint new pieces from my sketch work.  I added a self portrait as a sketchbook cover.  I created abstracts in preparation for life drawing sketches, for digital work and just to create them.  I love abstracts.  I also continued my exploration with mono prints from ink drawings and mixed media.  My journey with collage also evolved as I prepared for the upcoming class.

72Tori012614MM10x7ag2rD01171572Shondra13sketchGPrevMM10x7ag1RevD01061572Zara5m012714MM10x7ag201171572Sabrina020214MM10x7ag1rd01181572Tori 012815fm2014sketchLife2SelfCoverTan80lbSketch

abstracts 72SquaredTearRev172RBWBPpatternSpheres1Tt72RBBWplastics1TtRevdec14
mono prints  72ToriMM10x7rbwAG1Mono01171572Lily090913GPrevMM10x7ag2RevD01061572Lily090913GPrevMM10x7ag2RevD010615mono

collage  72Joel060214ag20mCollage01181572SabrinaRYB020214agRevCol01051572Joel030514ag20m3Collage01181572Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Collage01181572Christine_not_Kerr091613ag7x10Butterfly01251572Zoe092513MM10x7ag2RevCol01061572Zoe020314MM10x7ag172Ian040614ag5mCollage01201572JonoT030214ag5m9x12eCollage01201572Zara012714MM10x7ag3collage01181572Cynthia061614AgCollage01181572Meghan092213bypAbsCol01181572Meghan011815CollageInv172Meghan092213prGPrevMM10x7ag6Collage012415Erica 9 x 12 Collage Mixed MediaErica 9 x 12 Collage Mixed Media72JohnB5mAg032614Collage01201572Mandy10mag011313bATC011815wJono1a