April 2015

April 2015

I have utilized a gallery in each category for the images that were created this month.  The life models are listed with links to related pages.  I would describe the work from April as abstract and spontaneous with blind contour,  media and color exploration, and continued growth as an artist.  You’ll find more in the Life Draw section of the site.

San Diego Art Institute

Independent study life drawings at SDAI with the following life models are shown here.  The gallery of images created is shown first followed by a list of the models and dates.

Shaunna 72Shaunna040515SDAI5x8  on April 5th,

Rob 72RobD040615SDAI5x8 and Lori 72LoriS040615SDAI7x10v1 on April 6th,

Ian 72Ian041915SDAIjwc9x12 and

Christine 72Christine041915SDAIj6x8 on April 19th,

Lori S. 72LoriS042015SDAIjwc9x12mbc1 and

Gilbert 72Gilbert042015SDAIj7x10v2 on April 20th,

Cynthia 72CynthiaG042715SDAI7x10v1 and Rob  72Rob042715SDAIwcj140 on April 27th,

North Park Drawing Club

Independent study at NPDC with the following life models:

Christa 72Christa042515WC140npd and Rebecca 72RebeccaBamberger042515NPD on March 25th.

San Diego Mesa College
ARTF210C – Life Drawing III


My image of Ginger from March was one of the ARTF210C selections for the San Diego Mesa College Spring Student Art Exhibition 2015.  The image above is also shown as the featured image of this post.  The show runs from April 30th until May 14th, 2015.

Fine Art course work life drawings are shown in the gallery below.  A life model list with dates of work follows the gallery.

Rob D. 72RobD040915ARTF210Clmu5x8v2 on April 9th and 72RobD041015ARTF210C 10th,

Ginger 72Ginger041615s5x8 on April 16th,

and Tori 72Tori042415a7x10v1 on April 24th and 72Tori042815a7x10v2 28th.


I also delved more into my collage exploration in April.    I am enjoying the reflection through older flower work and the results that are coming forth.  April’s collage work is shown in the gallery below.