August 2015


August 2015 was another month of reflection for me with regards to life drawing.  I attended one life drawing session at SDAI on 081715 with life models Rob D. and Ginger.  I was looking forward to working with both models but found myself only creating work of Ginger for the evening.  You can see the results of that work on the Ginger page.  They are in the gallery and under the 9 x 12 Mixed Media section of the page.  The only blind contour of the evening is shown above and on the Blind Contour page.


Shown above is the flower collage inverse of the flower that was collaged to the self portrait mono print pictured next.  The inverse collage was added to an abstract self portrait that didn’t really seem to be a self portrait.  I think their may be a bit more resemblance now that the flower has been added.  There was also a digital flower created with the inverse before the collage was added.  It can be seen in the Flowers sub domain post for August 2015.


The Collage page under Life Draw was updated this month.  The featured image of Robert W. was revised with a butterfly phoenix collage.  72Ginger050115s4x6collage081815I created a collage from a 4 x 6 sketch of Ginger and another collage with its inverse.  I also worked with a previous sketch of Lori S. for another 7 x 10 journal collage.72LoriS061515SDAI4x6collage081815  Collage of Flowers on the other hand was the dominant focus for the month it seemed.  72Flower3x5Collage082315j7x10v1 Several of the flower collages also ended up in a few of the life drawing journals.

Other updates for this sub domain for the month include the above mentioned journal pages and related model pages.  The images for this month that are not shown can be found on the related pages through the green text links.

I am looking forward to seeing how September unfolds.