Sketchbooks and art journals I have in progress, completed, or near completion are listed here with links to the related pages.  The featured image shown above for this page is from the 9×12 watercolor 140lb journal.  The model is Tori.  I have listed each sketchbook as a page to include the work within each.   I continue to work in the sketchbooks until they are completed and even after that as ideas or inspiration strike. Sometimes I decide to revisit a piece for collage or some other manipulation to evolve the work.  My exploration with these sketchbooks is ongoing.  This work may include new sketches with models, collage from previous sketches into a different sketchbook, new interpretations of previous sketches, or the continued evolution of a work into a painting and more.  I remain open to the possibilities.

Sketchbooks by Cie Ja

This page continues to update as more sketchbook pages are added.  You can follow me on twitter or like my page on facebook if you would like to keep in contact.  Some sketchbooks and journals are listed in anticipation of new pages.   They are ordered here as they appear in the pages menu.  Ones without links do not have pages at this time.

4×6 drawing 80lb

Sadja 033015 SDAI

5×5 blue sketch

Sabrina 020214 SDAI

5×8 sketch 65lb vol1

Sadja 033015 SDAI

5×8 sketch 65lb vol2

Tori 032315 SDAI


6×8 journal 100lb

Sherman SDAI

7×10 journal 108lb vol1

Tori 011715 Mono Print

7×10 journal 108lb vol2

Zara 011715

7×10 mixed media 98lb

Sabrina 020214 SDAI

9×12 toned gray 80lb

Rob D. 121414

9×12 toned tan 80lb

Virginia 013015 ARTF210C

9×12 mixed media 98lb

Ian 030314 SDAI

9×12 mixed media 140lb

Tamara 113014 SDAI

9×12 watercolor 140lb

Ginger 032015 ARTF210C

 11×14 mixed media 98lb

sketchbook 11x14 Sabrina
Sabrina 020214 SDAI