91910 Chula Vista

91910 Chula Vista

91910 Chula Vista

February 8th, 2018

Bayside Park

Chula Vista Bayfront Park

Chula Vista Marina View Park

The majority of bird images in the galleries here are from a section of the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge adjacent to the Chula Vista Bayfront Park and the Chula Vista Marina View Park.  The bird images below link to pages for the bird with other galleries and locations of sightings.  Listed below are the birds I photographed in 91910.

Birds of 91910

American Coot

American Wigeon

Blue-winged Teal


Brewer’s Blackbird

Cinnamon Teal

Greater Yellow-legs

Great Blue Heron

Green-winged Teal

Long-billed Curlew


Northern Pintail


Pied-billed Grebe

Rock Dove


Sea Gull

Snowy Egret

and maybe a few I missed or did not get some photos of like the Willet.