72FBS3x5Collage7x10j108v2wSumi080715Journals are listed here with links to their pages with galleries.
Both the title and image link to the related pages.  What makes a journal different than a sketchbook is determined by the weight of the paper.  100 lb. or more is considered a journal and anything less is a sketchbook.  Portfolios are albums of work that were loose in format, taken from a pad, or made independently.  Some portfolios also contain images from journals or sketchbooks that have lost their original binding or were simply removed and stored in an album for preservation.


These next two image links are not the featured images of those journals.  The first two journals listed are predominantly life draw journals and are listed in that sub domain.

7×10 journal 108lb vol1


Each one does contain several flower collages within them.  I have chosen to add them to this page but not to the menu for this page.  They are listed in the menu for the Life Draw Journals Page.

7×10 journal 108lb vol2


I also chose to list them here because the next two journals are turning out to be dominant with flower collage and are the next two in my series with this style and size.  These last two 7 x 10 volumes do show the related featured images with their image links.

7×10 journal 108lb vol3


7×10 journal 108lb vol4