Mission Bay

All galleries for Mission Bay and related park areas are on the Mission Bay page and other related pages.  Below is an image list of park areas on the Mission Bay page.  There is an image and title link above.

Mission Bay Park

Tecolote Shores

Fiesta Island

Rose Marie Starns South Shores Park

Vacation Isle Park

Model Yacht Pond

Next up are other areas of the 92109 zip code.  These include Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, and the San Diego River and other locations in those areas of 92109.

Mission Beach

Belmont Park


South Mission Beach

(looking across Mission Bay entrance channel to South Mission Beach)

Point Medanos

(looking across Mission Bay entrance channel to Ocean Beach pier)

Pacific Beach

Crystal Pier

Tourmaline Beach

The San Diego River and Estuary at the end of Mission Valley fall within the 92109 zip code with the exception of a small portion of the estuary between the Sunset Cliffs Blvd. and W. Mission Bay Dr. bridges that lies within the 92107 zip code.  The areas within 92109 along the river and estuary include Dog Beach and Smiley Lagoon.  I have seen signs in the area here indicating this is also known as the Southern Wildlife Refuge.  Pages were created for the San Diego River and the San Diego River Estuary that include images from this area.  Links are listed below.

San Diego River

San Diego River Estuary

Dog Beach

Dog Beach is not in the 92107 zip code, but appears to fall within 92109 zip code instead.  It is at the end of the estuary where the river meets the ocean.

At the end of the San Diego River Estuary opposite of Dog Beach is Hospitality Point Park.   I love coming here for bird, sunset, and estuary shoots.

Hospitality Point Park has views of Ocean Beach, South Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Quivira Basin, and more.  Public parking, restrooms, and picnic facilities are available.  The jetty here divides the San Diego River channel and the entrance channel for Mission Bay.  There is a portion of the jetty that is submersible and closed to pedestrians.

Hospitality Point Park