Mission Valley

Mission Valley


Mission Valley

Mission Valley is one of my favorite areas to go for nature walks and photo shoots.

There are mountain views, the river, the hillsides of the valley, shopping malls, and plenty to do and see.


I have seen turtles, rabbits, lizards and a vast variety of birds.

There are several duck varieties, herons and egrets, terns, hawks, cormorants, common moorhen, American coots, Canadian geese, woodpecker and more.

Mission Valley 2018 Galleries


An abundance of photos have been taken for 2017 in Mission  Valley.  Additional gallery pages have been added as a result.

Photos for the months of January to April 2017 were moved to the new gallery page below.

Mission Valley 2017 Galleries January – April

Mission Valley

Don’t miss out on the amazing photos taken from January to April 2017.